27th December 2013

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A man can break every commandment
and the world still will lend him a hand
Yet, a girl that has loved, but un-wisely
is an outcast all over the land
— Bonnie Parker (via fearisadirtyword)

27th December 2013

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Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)- Nico Vega

Seasons came and changed the time

27th December 2013

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You’ve heard the story of Jesse James,

Of how he lived and died,

If you’re still in need,
Of something to read,

Here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.

Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang, 
I’m sure you all have read,

How they rob and steal, And those who squeal,
Are usually found…

27th December 2013

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Bonnie and Clyde’s car after they were killed in 1934.


Bonnie and Clyde’s car after they were killed in 1934.

27th December 2013

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"Bang, bang he shot me down.
Bang, bang I hit the ground.
Bang, bang That awful sound.
Bang, bang my baby shot me down.”-Nico vega.

27th December 2013

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Bonnie & Clyde 2013

27th December 2013

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26th November 2013

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whoops, it’s been a while…


whoops, it’s been a while…

19th November 2013

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Love is just a game to people. But eventually the game has to end and someone wins.
— (via picsandquotes)

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26th October 2013

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How much of the day are you aware -– just basically aware of what life is presenting -– rather than being lost in waking sleep, in being identified with whatever you’re doing, almost as if you didn’t exist? To what extent do you blindly drift from one form of comfort to another, from one daydream or fantasy to another, from one secure place to another, in order to avoid the anxious quiver of discomfort or insecurity? …instead of devoting your energy to living a genuine life?
— Ezra Bayda  (via terramantra)

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24th September 2013

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The most beautiful scene out of the entire series.

This scene. THIS SCENE.


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15th September 2013

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13th September 2013

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Sleeping next to someone, not with someone, is perhaps the most intimate you will ever be with another human. In sleep, we are completely defenseless. We are soft and supple and childlike. Our hard exteriors falls away when the sand hits our eyes. The way you sleep, with your face softened and your arms wrapped around my waist, is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I am not an artist, but I may become one just so that I can capture that moment.
— I Miss Sleeping Next To You. (via fawun)

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16th August 2013

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me later tonight.

This is me fifi when I attempt to run, fife. Totes envious of your drive. 

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16th August 2013

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